An ice cream sundae with Prince William and Beth Chatto – the BBC Essex Quest

On Sunday 1 March the John Ray Trust was excited to take part in the BBC Essex Quest show on BBC Essex radio. The BBC Essex Quest is a radio ‘treasure hunt’ across the county of Essex. The programme broadcasts live every Sunday morning between 9am and 12midday, and has been on-air since July 2011.

Liana and Barry are its two ‘out and about’ presenters who have to try and solve four clues to four mystery places in Essex, without maps or the internet.

Listeners call the programme to help unravel the clues and give Barry and Liana directions to the places they’re visiting.

On March 1 our John Ray Garden, part of the Braintree and Bocking Public Gardens in Bocking End, was one of the mystery locations

The clue Barry and Liana solved to find the garden, which they collected at Coggeshall Museum (their previous stop) was:  “Enjoy an ice cream sundae with Prince William, to support a row of books. Beth Chatto would like it here”.

 The answer to the clue is:

> One type of ice cream sundae is a knicker-BOC-ker glory.

> Prince William is second in line to the throne and as such would be crowned KING.

> You might support a row of books with a book END.

> Beth Chatto is a well-known GARDEN designer.

On their arrival we took Liana on a tour of the garden, and introduced her and listeners to John Ray’s remarkable story and the work of the Trust today.

To find out more about our garden and how to visit please click here

Liana from BBC Essex radio interviews Trustee Jennifer Rowland in the John Ray Garden

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